Jubileeā€™s fascination with food and baking began at a young age living in Jackson, MS. Her first baking lessons came from both of her grandmothers. She would make pound cakes with her father's mother and bread with her mother's mother. After moving to Pennsylvania at the age of 10, Jubilee continued to craft her baking skills and became famous in high school for her chocolate chip cookies. Jubilee attended culinary school at The Art Institute of Philadelphia where she evolved into a pastry chef. She spent the next year volunteering at an international guesthouse in Washington DC where she baked for the guests. This time expanded not only her baking knowledge but also gave her the opportunity to meet many people from around the world. Jubilee decided to continue her education and enrolled in the Creative Writing program at Belhaven University in Jackson, MS. This was coming home for her in a way. So, upon graduating in 2015 she decided to stay in Jackson. Her time studying creative writing helped with her baking. Apart from providing the necessary sugar rushes for study sessions, it grew her creative spirit which she brings to her baking. Jubilee is dedicated to creating the best, tastiest sweets in Jackson. Her love for baking is evident in her pastries.